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Commercial Property Management


Services Overview

Comet Management understands that when it comes to property management, one size does not fit all.  We realize that while we can provide a full range of property management packages and security services, some of our clients only need minimal support.  Therefore, Comet Management offers the flexibility to customize our services to fit your unique business needs.  Contact us to begin tailoring your property management and security package today.


Financial & Marketing

Comet Management provides a full range of financial reporting services with the objective to increase your overall cash flow.  With our experienced team of Financial Advisors and Accountants, we specialize in bookkeeping and annual accounting with the latest property management software.  Through our careful financial analysis and working closely with you, we can execute long term strategic plans to meet your needs and deliver the results you want.  Speak with one of our Financial Advisors today.


Tenant Support

A key factor of a property’s success is meeting tenant expectations.  We assist our client’s tenants by assisting them through every part of their stay at your property ranging from signing the lease, paying rent, arranging community newsletters to regular maintenance and even move out services when they decide to move on.  We pride ourselves on helping tenants make their transition into the community comfortable and easy.  With our full-time staff we are able to support our client’s tenant's needs, and the security of a screened tenant that you need.
- We screen all tenants with rental applications, proof of income, background checks and credit reports.
- Tenants will sign an attorney drawn lease in our office.  We also provide lease renewals XXX days before its expiration.
- We manage tenants' rental payments and contact information through our property management systems.
- Legal Notices and Evictions are filed through an experienced attorney.

Facility Management

An efficiently run facility ensures value to property owners and keeps tenants happy.  Comet Management professionals are available 24 hours a day to create and administer specifications for all necessary maintenance and repair services.  While emergency work is handled as it happens, Comet takes a proactive approach by ensuring all contractors are prequalified, and services are competitively bid for to ensure the best possible pricing and quality of work for your facility.  All projects are managed from inception to commissioning by Comet staff to ensure the work is done right the first time.  All permits, attorneys, auditors, engineers and reserve specialist are made available to the community by Comet. 


Administration & Risk Management

Each property has different needs when it comes to its management structure.  That being said, we attend all board meetings as required by our clients.  As part of our duties, we provide financial reports, meeting minutes from the previous meetings, agendas, correspondence, and other critical reports on an as needed basis.  Additionally, we work with the board to summarize all of the important and most commonly needed provisions of the master deed and by laws, and provide that summary to all Board Members and Homeowners.  Additionally, we will assist the Board with the creation and reasonable enforcement of all rules and regulations. We have been specially trained in mediation techniques by the Community Associations Institute and can help to set up an Alternative Dispute Resolution Committee.


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